C-skins top of the line 4/3 wetsuit for winter 2018.  With an improved, all new ThermoTech lightweight Poly Pro & Dryknit thermal lining lining, plus new, stretchier  Xtend 2 Fusion Isolation taped seams throughout the whole suit – you’re looking at one of the best sealed, lightest & warmest wetsuits money can buy.  The rubber & outer fabric that C-Skins use in their winter wetsuits absorbs less water than the stuff most other brands use, giving you a noticeably lighter and stretchier suit to wear. Their design, the materials they use & the quality of their construction is consistently some of the best we’ve seen… and we see a lot of wetsuits in here! C-Skins have been our top selling 43 steamers in store for the past few years for a reason and if you’re in the market for a new winter wetsuit then you need to have a look at these! C-Skins pride themselves on creating wetsuits that perform – using proven technologies that are tried and tested in the often frigid European waters, so they can offer a product with true benefits rather than just marketing hype.

• Super Seal Glideskin collar

A smooth & comfortable collar that perfectly matches the contours of your neck, providing a great seal
• New improved Iris closure

A C-Skins exclusive, the Iris closure design allows easy entry/exit from your suit while maintaining a high, close seal around your neck.

• Enigma2 chest zip

This free floating zip panel is attached after the rest of the wetsuit has been built.  A genuine innovation from C-Skins, this design gives you increased freedom of movement & is very comfortable.
• Power Seam stitch-less construction (external fluid weld)

The Power seam used on C-Skins suits is 60% thinner & lighter than the liquid tape used on competitors       wetsuits – while enhancing strength, stretchiness of the seam while keeping it watertight
• Machine applied Xtend Fusion Isolation Tape internal seams through whole suit (on all seams)  Stretchier and thinner than ever before this new 0.5mm machine applied neoprene tape makes the seams of this suit watertight, improves their strength while maximizing flexibility.

• Dryknit thermal lining

C-Skins exclusive lining, increased warmth, lighter, less water absorption and quick drying
• Mesh Skin chest and back

A textured single lined neoprene that creates a barrier providing excellent wind resistance and warmth while shedding water quicker from the surface of your suit.
• H2X DryFlex outer lining

   A hydrophobic outer layer for double-sided neoprene.  Helps keep your suit lighter & warmer in the water


• FutureFit arm and knee flex embossing
Flex grooves are embossed in to the neoprene in these areas which reduces bulk & increases freedom of     movement in these zones

• HyPE Lockdown cuffs
A seamless doughnut shaped design that locks down on your wrist, creating the ultimate seal and minimizing flushing even on big wipeouts!

• Air Foam
Significantly lighter, rubber material than traditional neoprene (20% lighter) without sacrificing warmth, stretch or flexibility

• FutureFit
Arguably the best fitting suits in the industry – a 3D structured wetsuit that fits more snugly overall, without compromising flexibility and minimising overstretch of material panels

• True Thickness
Instead of measuring the combined thickness of the material & rubber (like many brands do) C-skins measure the thickness of the rubber/foam of the suit – giving you a ‘true thickness’

• DuraFlex knee pads
Specifically tailored knee panels that offer abrasion resistance, while maximizing comfort and durability.

• FutureFit 3D knees• Internal key pocket with loop


Brand C-Skins