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C Skins - We Are A Wetsuit Company


Developed & tested in the cold waters of Northern Europe. Stay warmer for longer.


It all started with a simple idea…….build a better wetsuit so you could stay out in the water longer. Its the detail that makes C-Skins different.


Innovation is our lifeblood. Our job is to keep you warmer for longer through developing and bringing you the latest in wetsuit technology. Its the reason we get out of bed in the morning.



Carey Brown and his uncle Dennis Cross designed and manufactured the first ever surfing steamers in Europe in the 70’s out of a garden shed. Carey has been closely involved with the industry ever since, founding C-SKINS in 1997. With this extensive experience of the worlds wetsuit industry Carey and the team behind him are shaping the way forward in neoprene wetsuit design. Carey’s son Mark, now acting at Technical Director continues the family tradition of creating ground breaking wetsuits for surfers.

C-SKINS was proudly created with only surfers in mind. To create the best surfing wetsuits on the planet.

C-SKINS has developed a strong European presence by having a no-compromise attitude to quality, workmanship and value for money. We hate it when our hard earned money gets spent on a wetsuit that you know has cost more in marketing dollars than in materials! Times change and C-SKINS lead the way in bringing you wetsuits that have a core purpose. We’ve never played it safe when it comes to our vision for C-Skins. We’ve always believed that instead of following, innovation is key.

Sometimes its a hold your breath moment, but that’s what makes life exciting. We hope our products excite you as much as they have for us.



Technical Director